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Foundational Business Communication

CSC Foundational Business Communication


Course Overview:

Foundational Business Communication (FBC) is designed to equip learners with essential skills and practices for effective communication in the workplace. This course emphasizes the fundamentals of written and oral communication in real business situations, focusing on reading, analyzing, and writing business communications in English. The FBC course is available at two levels (intermediate and advanced), with placement determined through a pre-assessment.

The course spans 20 weeks and concludes with a formal examination. Throughout the course, learners will complete various unit assessments and submit a portfolio. Successful participants will receive an accredited City & Guilds qualification in English for Business Communications and a Civil Service College Certificate.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the core concepts of business communication that underpin effective spoken and written communication in a business setting.
  • Develop fundamental skills in business communication techniques, with an emphasis on writing business documents effectively.
  • Learn to use standard formats, techniques, and documents effectively in business environments.

This course is intended for civil servants who:

  • Seek to improve their foundational communication skills
  • Perform a significant amount of reading and writing in their current roles
  • Desire to become more proficient in formatting business correspondences
  • Desire to become more comfortable speaking in meetings and presentations
  • Aim to write research papers and course-related assignments
  • Plan to enroll in Civil Service College courses where effective writing is essential
  • Seek an externally recognized certification of their levels in English proficiency

Is funding available?

  • The Civil Service College funds this course on the understanding that you are fully committed to achieving the learning outcomes. Your commitment is demonstrated by attending all sessions provided. Therefore if more than one session is missed, candidate funding may be withheld.


What is the commitment?

  • This course runs for 20 weeks, with a 3 week break half-way through.  Classes are 2 hours per week.
  • The course features face to face learning and a combination of written and digital assignments. It is predominantly hosted on the Microsoft Teams Classroom platform, where course materials, grading, feedback and communication with facilitator can be accessed. Weekly classes are held at the CSC training rooms at the Government building.


How do I register?

  • In the first instance, it is recommended that you have a chat with your manager to discuss your interest in taking this course and obtain their support (particularly if work scheduling may conflict with planned attendance). To register, please download the form below, and once completed, email to by 12th July 2024.  Teaching will begin at the end of August.


Overview of Content Covered

General Topics include:

Introduction to Communication

·        Why Study Communication

·        The Main Forms of Communication

·        The Process of Communication

·        The Different Types of Communication

·        Barriers to Communication

·        Communication Techniques /Effective           Communication

·        Communication in Practice


Written Communication

·        Grammar

·        Usage

·        Punctuation

·        Word Choice

·        Summarizing

·        Analyzing

·        Register

·        Writing Letters, Emails, Memos, Reports, Minutes, Power Point Presentations, Cover letters, CVs, Research Papers, etc


Non- verbal Communication

·        Gestures

·        Postures

·        Facial Expressions

·        Eye Contact

·        Body Language

Listening Skills

·        Listening for Understanding

·        Responding to Listening


Verbal Communication

·        Discussions

·        Presentations

·        Speeches

·        Enunciation and Pronunciation

·        Clarity and Diction


Workplace Etiquette

·        Basic Etiquette

·        Greeting and Introducing

·        Interview Preparation

·        Asking for and Giving Information

·        Expressing Opinions

·        Agreeing and Disagreeing



Topics and depth of coverage depend on the level of entry.*






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