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Introduction to Records and Information Management (RIM)

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by civilserviceadmin
7 Lessons
2 Students

Welcome to an Introduction to Records and Information Management (RIM). This training is for those who have no prior knowledge or experience with RIM. It is also for those who would like a refresher or information on how RIM works within the Cayman Islands Government. We will highlight:

  • Definitions of key terms and concepts.
  • Legislation that will impact your agency’s recordkeeping.
  • Some of the recordkeeping tools developed by the National Archive to assist with managing your agency’s records.

Are paper files in stacks on your desk? Does your agency’s network drive have electronic documents titled “RE: RE: RE: message from Ministry”? Do you spend too much time during the day searching for records?  If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place


Section 1: Statutory Obligations

Section 2: Public Records and Recordkeeping

Section 3: Electronic Records

Section 4: Recordkeeping Toolbox – File Plans

Section 5: Recordkeeping Toolbox – Disposal Schedules



Section 3: Electronic Records

Author: civilserviceadmin

Electronic public records exist in all formats and media, and while the same recordkeeping practices apply, they are managed a little differently than paper records. We will briefly address some…


Author: civilserviceadmin

We trust this training has given you a better understanding of records and information management. There are several benefits for implementing best recordkeeping practices, and we’ll conclude with some of…

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