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September Month of Learning Challenge

September Month of Learning Challenge

When: 6th to 24th September

How does the challenge work?

  1. A calendar is provided with 4 videos and one learning activity each week, starting Monday 6th September and finishing on Friday 24th September
  2. Each week is aligned with a different core competency
  3. The learner watches the short video each day (all less than 7 mins, most around 3 mins) and at the end of the week, completes a short activity
  4. The learner sends their completed activity to their learning champion to be in with a chance of winning a prize
  5. Prizes are awarded by your Learning Champion each week AND by CSC through the challenge
  The videos in the calendar are linked to the core competency pathways that have been created on Linkedin Learning and links will be provided to the full course that the video is taken from and also the core competency pathway.   Each of the three weeks focusses on one of the three core competencies Building Capability; Working Together; Delivering Results.  The activities are linked to specific learning points related to the core competency for that week.  
Download Challenge Calendar here
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