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UK Civil Service Live Presentations

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Civil Service Live is your opportunity to listen to thought-provoking sessions, and hear from inspiring people sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise.

Content for Civil Service Live has been designed to:

  • EDUCATE civil servants by sharing information and new ideas that change thinking and allow them to learn new skills and innovate.
  • ENGAGE civil servants by demonstrating excellent cross departmental working and building networks to support the delivery of better outcomes.
  • EMPOWER civil servants to demonstrate leadership, learn new skills and improve their working environment to provide better public services.


Keynote Address: In Conversation with Simon Case and Alex Chisholm – CLICK HERE


Moving Forward: A Civil Service equipped for the future – CLICK HERE


Leadership Masterclass: How great leadership can lead to successful transformation – CLICK HERE


Wednesday Morning ColleaguesCLICK HERE


PLENARY: Authentic and courageous leadership – career challenges and triumphs – CLICK HERE


Leading and learning through adversityCLICK HERE


Race, Representation, Recruitment and RetentionCLICK HERE


Caring for carersCLICK HERE


Spotlight on LeadershipCLICK HERE


Why Parliament WorksCLICK HERE


From Military Service to Civil ServiceCLICK HERE


Working with a Select Committee – the view from the inside – CLICK HERE


Pension Power: Ballads! – CLICK HERE


Global Britain, Local Civil Service ReservesCLICK HERE


Demystifying a career in Government Security – start your journey today – CLICK HERE


Operational Delivery Profession: Proud to be ODP – CLICK HERE


Introduction to the Tax professionCLICK HERE


In conversation with the Civil Service Working Through Cancer Network CLICK HERE


PLENARY: Innovation in the four nations – CLICK HERE


Culture Shock: What’s really going on under the surface where you work! – CLICK HERE


COVID-19 – the invisible enemy – CLICK HERE


The National Data Strategy – what does this mean for me? – CLICK HERE


Positive psychology and ‘the art of brilliance‘ – CLICK HERE


High risk, high rewardCLICK HERE


Location, Location, Location: the value added through location data – CLICK HERE


Moving forwards towards hybrid workingCLICK HERE


Government Property Function: Transforming estates to meet net zero and sustainability targets  – CLICK HERE


Self-leadership – the key to innovating yourself and others  – CLICK HERE


A different approach to reducing violence CLICK HERE


Working effectively with our partners CLICK HERE


The science inside UK defence and securityCLICK HERE


Getting to Green: A step change in Project Delivery  – CLICK HERE


Building on our experience: RED’s role in supporting the resilience of people and places – CLICK HERE


Striving for the perfect shipping forecastCLICK HERE


Behind the Scenes: Large cross government campaigns – CLICK HERE


Government Analysis Function: Exploring the role of Analysis in government  – CLICK HERE


Government Communications Service (GCS): Communications: Saving lives, deliveringCLICK HERE


Operational Delivery Profession: ODP of the future – CLICK HERE


Delivering on Devolution: what it means for you – CLICK HERE


Less Code, More PowerCLICK HERE


Keynote Address: In Conversation with Alex Chisholm – CLICK HERE


How to be a Champion of Change!CLICK HERE


The Data Challenge facing governmentCLICK HERE


Develop Your CareerCLICK HERE


Leading in emergenciesCLICK HERE


Think Inclusion: Communicating with All – CLICK HERE


Putting the citizen at the centreCLICK HERE


Own your Civil Service career journey (in two stages) – CLICK HERE


Dare to LeadCLICK HERE


Apprenticeships in the Civil Service: Where are we now and what does the future hold? – CLICK HERE


Building back better: what Government hubs and Smarter Working can do for you – CLICK HERE


Leadership development with a difference – Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – CLICK HERE


Government Commercial Function: World Class Commercial Capability and Reform – CLICK HERE


International Trade – Being in the (virtual) negotiation room – CLICK HERE


Knowledge is Power! CLICK HERE


Fighting Fraud during COVID-19CLICK HERE


PLENARY: How data is changing the way we make policy decisions in No10 – CLICK HERE


How to become a data ninja – CLICK HERE


Risk and innovation – can you have one without the other? – CLICK HERE


A Risk Worth Taking?CLICK HERE


Innovating at Scale and Pace, Lessons from the Ventilator ChallengeCLICK HERE


You decide: Interactive Innovation – CLICK HERE


Innovation insights: from idea to reality – CLICK HERE


How HS2 is building back betterCLICK HERE


The Integrated Review: Delivering the UK’s Strategic Reset – CLICK HERE


Climate Services to build prosperity and inform securityCLICK HERE


Legislate?! Reaching our audiences through gamificationCLICK HERE


How we got through COVID-19 with mind and body intactCLICK HERE


Transforming digital government in 2021 and beyondCLICK HERE


Driving Innovation across Government SecurityCLICK HERE


Law in transition: how advances in tech and data are necessitating changes to our laws and the ways in which we uphold them – CLICK HERE


PLENARY: Financial support in a hurry – CLICK HERE


Building Ambition into Major Infrastructure Delivery CLICK HERE


Good intentions, unexpected results: unintended consequences and inequalitiesCLICK HERE


Modern slavery awareness for civil servantsCLICK HERE


Negotiating and Implementing the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation AgreementCLICK HERE


Bringing an Agile Mindset to Policy Making: An Impossible Dream?CLICK HERE


Sêr Cymru Chairs Programme CLICK HERE


Working as one – building a stronger Government Finance Function community – CLICK HERE


Building Employees’ Financial Resilience CLICK HERE


The public sector workplace of tomorrow is here todayCLICK HERE

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