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Skills for Life – Communication Skills

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by civilserviceadmin
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The Cayman Islands Government has launched a campaign to promote lifelong learning to
support employment goals. Lifelong learning creates a strong, sustainable society whose
members are able to take on meaningful and productive roles. The Cayman Islands Government
is invested in providing access to opportunities to advance, retool or upskill so that you can
achieve your goals and pursue rewarding careers.

Course outline – click here to find course start dates in the calendar

Module 1 – 6 weeks duration

Wk. 1- Introduction: Different types of communication

Wk. 2/3 – Exploring written communication

  • Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Tone
  • Relevance
  • Audience appeal

Wk. 4/5 – Oral communication

  • Audience appeal
  • Clarity and diction
  • Relevance

Each participant will deliver a 3-minute presentation, individually or orally for assessment

Wk. 6 – Evaluation.

Participants will be asked to analyze a piece of music, a movie or literature. Analysis will be assessed by instructor and peers.


Module 2 – 6 weeks duration

Wk. 1 – Why study communication

Wk. 2 – Communication and self

Wk. 3/4 – Putting communication into practice

Wk. 5 – Barriers in communication

Wk. 6 – Assessment and evaluation.


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