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Core Competency Pathways

Core Competency Pathways 

Updated for 2022

Our Core Competency Framework identifies the essential skills and behaviours that are applicable to all civil servants, irrespective of their role or seniority in the organisation. The framework identifies three core competencies

These core competencies apply to every civil servant, and progressively build in complexity to reflect that civil servants have varying levels of responsibility.

Click the links below for individual contributor, manager of people and strategic director to complete the the different level pathways on Linkedin Learning and gain a certificate of completion.

If you have not yet activated your account , please go to Linkedin Learning and enter you government issued email address.

Building Capability: individuals, managers and leaders will continually develop to ensure they have the skills and abilities to perform effectively and to adapt to changing demands and technology.

Working Together: individuals, managers and leaders will work collaboratively and respectfully to achieve team and departmental objectives and realise the Government’s Strategic Broad Outcomes.

Delivering Results: individuals, managers and leaders will consistently deliver the highest standards of service in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

Not sure which pathway is right for you? The definitions below give additional clarification on the target for each pathway. Remember, all pathways may have useful lessons as you plan your career or keep up-to-date on the foundations of your role.

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