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City & Guilds English for Business Communications

City & Guilds English for Business Communications

What is this course?

English for Business Communication (EBC) focuses on performing in real business situations through the medium of English. This formal City & Guilds qualification evaluates the reading and writing of business communications in English.

This qualification is intended for civil servants needing English for their working life or those seeking an externally recognised certification of their levels in English. This course is also for those who desire to attend a Civil Service College ILM course (Level 4-7) that requires a series of graded written papers for which EBC provides a step up in the ladder of proficiency.


What is covered?

You will cover a wide range of business communications, write letters and memos in response to a wide range of situations and prepare agenda and minutes, notices, speeches, advertisements, articles, press releases, mailshots, formal invitations and analytical reports.


What are some of the finer skills?

This course is perfect if you are a civil servant who is expected to read a range of work related documents, including those that require complex replies, and to draft documents where choice and tone of expression may be critical.


What is the final qualification?

The City & Guilds EBC is a level 3 qualification and is assessed by a formally invigilated examination at the end of the course. Certificates and results are usually available within 8 weeks and are titled “Level 3 Certificate in English for Business Communications (EBC)”.

Papers are graded:

  • First Class Pass (75%+)
  • Pass (60%)
  • Fail (59% or below)


The 20 week course ends in one examination (2.5h) which covers two skills – reading and writing. You are given 15m to read through the questions before the exam begins. During the exam you will be presented with 6 ‘in-tray’ tasks, consisting of:

  1. Minutes of a meeting (10 marks)
  2. Business letter* (20 marks)
  3. Memorandum* (20 marks)
  4. Article or press release or speech (20 marks)
  5. Circular letter or mailshot or advertisement or notice or formal invitation (10 marks)
  6. Informal, analytical report (20 marks)


Frequently Asked Questions


Is funding available?

The Civil Service College fully funds this course on the understanding that you are fully committed to achieving the learning outcomes. Your commitment is demonstrated by attending all the sessions provided. Therefore if more than one session is missed, candidate funding is withheld. Note the course is delivered by two teachers who run two courses in parallel. Therefore with a little planning an alternate session is available.


What is the commitment?

17:30-19:30 over 20 weeks.


How do I register?

In the first instance, it is recommended that you have a chat with your manager, discuss the learning outcomes and obtain their support (particularly if work scheduling potentially conflicts with planned attendance). Then you will need to complete a the registration form..


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