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Certificate in Public Administration
This Certificate programme is designed for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of key aspects of the public sector, while improving their own professional performance. The curriculum is focused on key areas for civil servants including ethics, information technology and communication.

Certificate Programme Requirements

Associates of Arts (AA) - Public Administration
The CICSC offers an Associate of Arts degree programme in Public Administration through our training partnership at the University College of the Cayman Islands. This programme is for the civil servant who is seeking to increase their competency levels while working towards an accredited academic degree.

Associate Programme Requirements - Entry PRIOR to Fall 2019
Associate Programme Requirements - Entry Fall 2019
Course Summaries

Bachelor's Level Support
The CSC is proud to offer tuition scholarships to selected Honours Graduates in the Associate of Arts Programme. These competitive scholarships are an opportunity to continue into a Bachelor's programme at the University College of the Cayman Islands. The scholarships are competitive and only a few graduates will have an opportunity to receive this financial support. All Graduates who meet the requirements below are encouraged to apply. The requirements for application (not selection) are:

- Caymanian
- Employed full time with the Civil Service
- Honors Graduate of the Associate of Arts in Public Administration

If you meet the above, you can apply for consideration by July 1st or December 1st of your entry semester filling out the Scholarship Application Form

Professional Development

The Civil Service College promotes and provides professional development via multiple pathways and organisations.  These currently include the following:


The Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) Accredited Centre

ILM provides employers with the widest choice of leadership and management qualifications available in the UK, from pure management and leadership to specialised programmes in coaching and mentoring.  Leadership & Management Level 3 & Level 5 offered through the Civil Service College. More information can be found here on our Leadership and Management Programme page.


The Institute of Certified Professional Managers

ICPM is a globally recognized organization with Certified Managers in all parts of the world including the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. ICPM has been certifying managers for over four decades. More information about the Foundations of Management programme be found here on our Foundations of Management Programme page.

Online Learning 


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UK Civil Service Learning (CSL)

Thanks to a sponsorship by the Overseas Territories Directorate (OTD) of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), some 3,500 government workers from across the United Kingdom’s Overseas Territories (OTs) can now access online classes (e-learning opportunities) offered through the UK’s Civil Service Learning (CSL) website.

Interested persons must have a Cayman Islands Government issued email address and should visit https://civilservicelearning.civilservice.gov.uk//learning  to register for access.


The Civil Service College will facilitate workshops upon request by a government entity if it is deemed a viable opportunity to improve public services. Previously facilitated workshops by the CSC include, but are not limited to following:
- Good Governance
- Customer Service
- Supervisory Training
- IPSAS/IFRAS (Auditing)
- Internal Auditing Standards
- Health & Wellness Series